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curl -X POST \ -d api_key=9d417525 \ -d api_secret=88ea8e6d5c4aab51 \ -d to=2349073584659 \ -d from="Nexmo" \ -d text="Hello from Nexmo"


Trip reports : - replay your vehicle's last 24 position and get detailed trip-by-trips reports of activities and information such as maximum speed, as well as locations. You can get others details from reports like accident reports, historical reports, usage reports e.t.c. There is second by second reports of what could have lead to an accident in such events which helps to reveals the faults of drivers. These reports give detailed information on the activities and eventually eliminate billing errors, excessive over claims, reduce insurance claims. Immobilization : - should in case your vehicle is been driven without your authority or hijacked you can shut down the engine by just the press of the button on your phone. All GSM/GPRS Tracker contains GPS components GPS Antenna GSM Antenna Internal GSM modem Internal Backup battery Movement Sensor Tampering Alarms ( GPS unlock & battery ) Microphone.
This single box assembly and compact size design allows installation to be convert and non-instrusive. Wiring harness and antennas ( both GPS and GSM ) also leave virtually no visible footprint after installation, providing na truly secure and safe and yes powerful vehicles and assets tracking implementation. Networks coverage area : - The very intelligent onboard computer uses the GSM network to transfer data to the hub for onward processing for customers use. However, should there be any loss of network signal due to no network coverage; the device records all events for as much as (6) months. All recorded events are transferred to the server upon entering a network coverage area or receiving network signal. With this there is no loss of data or vital information.