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Five things that car thieves don't like : Daytime, Alarms, Security cameras, Noise neighbors, vehicles tracking solutions/kills switches. Thieves have to be quick and inconspicuous when stealing a car.that's why car thieves will avoid anything that may call attention to themselves. So stealing cars at a certain time of the day makes it a successful steal. So they preferred to co e between 2 a.m and 5 a.m., because most of people are asleep and it's nice and quite and less distractions,less people walking around at the early morning. Car owners are becoming more aware of car thief and taking precautions and buying protection against car thieves'things such as a kill switches/vehicle tracker in your car will deter thieves. Kill switches disrupt the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition that disable the fuel pump.kill switches will take a while/never able to deactivate the car therefore thieves don't want to waste time and caught they will move to next car. Another thing is good alarm with motion sensors keep them from stealing your car, thieves don't want neighbors seeing them , and security cameras also deter car Nigeria over 1million of vehicles is stolen, costing owner the victim time and money , butnit also drives up our imsurance premiumsmcostings us more moneys , when your auto is stolen it is used for other crimes. and can occur where there cars parked for hours at a time or days at a time, even in places like shopping malls, movie theatre, sporting events, or colleges on any random day of the week. But the good new to you is that you can guard your car against theft. with Vehicle tracker device click here a device that provides turn by turn navigation, stolen vehicle tracking and remote ignition blocking, a high-tech auto security tracking systems via GPS.the second greatest investment is your car and the first is your home and we take pride and joy in having one. we love our cars, and it's convenience allows us to travel back and forth to work, and to enjoy when travelling, so were taking great care of it so that someone don't come and steal what we work so hard for. But you have to guard it from the dangers of people who want to steal your car, millions of men and women every year have to deal with auto theft, the fact of the matter they just don't care, and no one's car truck or motorcycle is theft-proof. And don't think that your vehicle can't be stolen, a professional thief can steal your car at any time any place. Take precautionary measures will minimize the chance of being a victim of auto theft, so guard yourself against the danger of auto theft or any other theft. HERE IS A FEW TIPS THAT YOU SHOULD, DO WHEN YOU ARE A VICTIM OF AUTO THEFT 1 ) Realizing your car has been stolen call the police as soon as possible, contacting the police immediately, and filling a stolen vehicle report, contact your insurance company and report the stolen car, make sure you file a report to the police first or they will not honor your claim. 2 ) Reporting the theft but have the following information available 1 ) Certificate of the title for the vehicle that was stole 2 ) The location of keys to the vehicle before the theft 3 ) Contact information of everyone who had access to the vehicle 4 ) Your vehicle description, also include the mileage, service records and any receipts. 5 ) A listing of any personal property that may have been in the vehicle. If the car is financed or leased, report the theft to your finance or leasing company, to expedite your claims process. You should receive a vehicle theft questionnaire when you file you claims.complete and return as soon as possible, or submit it electronically if they give you the option. And when you recovered your vehicle notify the claims examiner right away to to let them know your vehicle has been found. so they can resolve the claim. WAYS TO REDUCE AUTO THEFT 1) Remember to take keys out of the vehicle 2) Lock your vehicle when you get out 3) close all of the Windows.