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Who uses these vehicles tracking systems? Individual or organization, and what types of company can benefits from this GPS technology? Companies that are transportation business, have contractor on roads, using vehicles even taxi companies can use vehicles tracking software to increase their efficiency and haulers can use the technology to keep track of particularly valuable assets.
Normally a GPS vehicle tracking system will consist of a tracking system device placed inside a vehicle along with a central server and a software that let's the user track the fleet from the headquarters. The information is relayed using geostationary positioning satellites that gives any fleets vehicles speed, position and directions of travel.
The interval is usually around every two to fifteen minutes depending upon manufacturer and owners or user preferences. 
                                      Few benefits below 
  1. GPS device help businesses to become more customer friendly : - for instance a cab company that is using a vehicles tracking system can tells a customers excalty where a nearest cab is and give a realistic estimate on how long it will be.
  2. By having all relevant information on one screen, those running the software have easy access to answer enquiries rapidly and accurately.
  3. Vehicles tracking system reduce running cost by specifically targeting those who speed or waste fuel. by focusing upon the driver its is possible to not only reduce fuel and maintenance bills but also reduce insurance premiums
  4. By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations. Meaning they have greater control over their company